Creative Production Services

you’ll be in good hands with us

An investment for a creative film or video production for your business is a commitment. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you. We believe our services will yield results that will pay dividends for years to come. A professional, well composed and executed film can make a drastic difference in the perception of your prospects.


Comprehensive Creative Direction

more than just pointing the camera in the right direction

All of our services come with our consulting and creative direction so we can properly execute and provide the highest value to our clients. We deliver top quality creative films that are engaging and meet all of your needs. One Studios is much more than just a video and design company.


Corporate & Product Branded Films

unique ways to get your brand or products known

Your company is alive and it’s presence should be known. Capture and visually share the essence of your brand with a creative story. From food recipes, to testimonials, and product & use demonstrations.


Client & Customer Testimonials

authenticate your services through others

There is no better way to share your business successes than through the words of loyal customers who value your work. We set up on location to beautifully capture testimonials that are stand-alone or can be used in conjunction with our other services.


Story-telling & Documentary, Narrative-Based Short Films

cinematic films to tell your story

The core of our business is being able to visually tell any story in a highly artistic and creative way. Whether you need a commercial, music video, short film, or documentary, let us take you through our full production service, from casting, pre-production, filming, and post-production.


Communication & Explainer Videos

a staple for any complex subject matter

Communication videos are highly effective ways to express your values, ideas, how-to’s, and breaking down a complex idea or task.


Professional Audio Production & Sound Design

high impact sound design for your production

Professional audio plays an important role with any production objective. From music to sound effects, our creative team and high fidelity equipment has the capacity to properly engage your listeners. Foley sounds to sound effects can have a drastic impact immersing your audience in the final product.


Event & Lecture Videography

secure and capture content or concepts for longevity

Do you have an important event, guest speaker or lecture you want to document? We use multiple cameras and pro-audio to ensure the information or memories are captured for years to come.


Professional Photography

Increase your budget’s effectiveness while we are already shooting videos

Show your best with professional photography services. Including professional portraits, product photography, residential, commercial architecture and facility photos.


Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

final polishing touches for your film or marketing support

You can expected a high level of attention to detail with all of our projects, not only with the quality of our footage but also with graphics. From logo animation, lower-thirds, introduction sequences and typography, we will give your videos a polished look.